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Community Garden ManureThis is the last reminder to contact Angelina about a Mulch and Manure order for August 2014.

Today is the LAST day to place your order.



  • Please fill in the attached order form and email it to me before Friday 22nd of August.
  • Please note that the price for Lucerne is now $16 a bale due to a difficult growing season.
  • I have source a supplier who can deliver sugar cane for $5.50 a bale, but delivery may take anywhere between 1-4weeks once the order has been placed.  This is because our order will need to be included on a truck that is delivers in the same area.
  • Lucerne is better for your plot as it feeds the soil but if you cannot afford it then go for the sugar cane. Maybe consider by 2 bales of lucerne and 1 bale of sugar cane!


  • Do not do anything now – Payment will be required once the orders have been confirmed with the suppliers.
  • I will email you once this is done!


  • Your manure order will be ready for pick up on Friday 29th August at 4:00pm.
  • We will need as many people as possible to help unload the truck. Please let me know if you can help.
  • Deliver dates of the Lucerne and or Sugar cane will be advised once the orders are placed.


  • Please note we will need a minimum of  60 bags (1pallet) of manure.
  • We will need a minimum of 10 bales of sugar cane.
  • We will need a minimum of 30 bales of Lucerne.


Contact Angelina today! to ensure your order!

If you can help with the unloading…  Let us know



Garden Members, it’s time to renew your membership and if applicable, your plot lease.

The amounts are:

Garden Membership – Adult $20; Family $30.
Plot Renewal – $84 for the coming year.

Please YSCG Membership Plot Renewal Form, fill it in and bring to the garden before the end of July.

A Finance POD member will receive payments at morning tea time.
Correct money would be appreciated.

If you pay by bank transfer, please allow a few days for us to verify it has shown up in the account.

Please Note: –

Your plot lease will be renewed if you have done at least 4 Sunday working bees in the previous 12 months.

If you haven’t, you have the next couple of weeks to get down to the garden on Sunday mornings.


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